About the Circle Blueprint Supplemental Workbooks

These four workbooks are filled with step-by-step instructions to help you master the four key developmental areas: INDEPENDENCE, POWER, HUMILITY, and PURPOSE.

The workbooks are part of The Circle Blueprint system. Click here to learn how it all works together.

After you take The Circle Assessment, you will know which of the four developmental areas you need to work on. If you decide you want to master one or more of these areas, you simply purchase the specified workbook(s). It will be clear, after you take the assessment, where to begin in each workbook. Let us explain a little more:

Each developmental area encompasses specific factors on which you will be scored. Take INDEPENDENCE, for example. Six factors affect our ability to gain independence: 

  1. Crisis-Prone: Creating situations that either do not have to exist, or that do not actually exist in reality.
  2. Autonomous: Living free of comparison and relying healthily on self and others. 
  3. Pleasing: Adapting to the real or perceived needs of others in unhealthy ways. 
  4. Pretentious: Needing to appear in a light more favorable than one actually is. 
  5. Personal Commitment: Having goals, operationalizing them into actionable plans, and disciplining yourself to execute those plans.
  6. Reliance: Being controlled by someone or something else.

 For each of these factors, you will receive a score on the Thriving Scale:

  1. I am hanging on by my fingernails. Despite all I have accomplished, my life isn’t good at all.
  2. I am eroding. I’m not desperate, but my life is a grind and does not seem to be headed in a positive direction.
  3. I am treading water and just sort of enduring my situation. My life isn’t bad, but I would not say it is good, either.
  4. I am growing. My life is on a positive trajectory. Certainly, it could be better, but I am reasonably satisfied and optimistic about the future. 
  5. I am thriving. I am creatively engaged in my work and life. I am at the top of my game. I feel energized, balanced, healthy, and happy.

The workbooks contain a series of very detailed exercises tailored to your assessment score in each factor that makes up each developmental area. If you are “hanging on” in a particular factor, you would begin with the “hanging on” exercises for that factor and proceed through the end of that section of the workbook. If you are “growing” in that factor, you would need to do only the “growing” exercises. (If you are thriving in a factor, there are no exercises, as you’ve already mastered it.)

Click here for a brief sampling of an exercise from each workbook.

Remember, no one is forcing you to do any of these exercises. You do as much, or as little, as you decide to do. We hope, however, that you will choose to work toward creating a balanced, happy, thriving life. You deserve nothing less.