Here's What People Are Saying About the Circle Blueprint

“In my years coaching I’ve seen plenty of talented basketball players, but the ones that sustain greatness are more than just great basketball players. I tell my team that learning to manage yourself is just as important as being a great ball player; that the best athletes live in their power by consistently executing ALL their skills and improving each day. They rise above the rest because they know who they are, they understand their goals, and they never get sidelined by failure or carried away in their success. The Circle Blueprint really captures the essence of finding balance between independence, power, humility, and purpose. It teaches you how to take these crucial elements—the ones that can take your performance from ‘good’ to ‘amazing,’—and develop them for your specific goals. The assessment shows you what you need to work on. The tools in this book can help you achieve these objectives both on the court and off. If you want to really see how far you can go, read The Circle Blueprint right now.”
—Mark Few, Head Men’s Basketball Coach, Gonzaga University

“Run out and buy The Circle Blueprint. It is a comprehensive guide to leading and succeeding. Truly a book you cannot afford to miss.”
—Dr. Laura Berman, world renowned sex and relationship educator and therapist; popular TV, radio and Internet host; New York Times best-selling author; and assistant clinical professor of ob-gyn and psychiatry at the Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University in Chicago

“To get a great job it used to be enough to graduate from a great school. No longer. Today’s organizations require leaders that thrive, and that means impressive degrees aren’t enough. To be a great leader at any level you must be an authentic and balanced ‘whole person.’ In a deeply competitive global marketplace, being responsible for a company’s most valuable assets—its employees—requires an incredibly honed skill set. The Circle Blueprint lays out a path to becoming a productive, successful, emotionally intelligent human being in the workplace, at home, and in the community. It’s a new day, and Jack Skeen, Greg Miller, and Aaron Hill have written a book that equips us to thrive in it.”
—Mark Mitchell, Chief Accounting Officer, Frontier Airlines

“The authors provide the insights and ask you the fundamental, and sometimes uncomfortable, questions to drive you through a process to find your path to greater contentment and happiness in life. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is truly curious to grow into a more authentic life.”
—Frank Sands, CFA, Chief Executive Officer & Chief Investment Officer, Sands Capital Management, LLC

“We all struggle with trying to ‘have it all.’ While we may appear to be doing well, just beneath the surface we are struggling with unhealthy relationships with family, friends, work, money, self-esteem… you name it. We somehow thought all this success would feel different. We thought we would be happier. If you are ready to stop confusing activity with progress and break the conscious and unconscious habits and patterns that hold you hostage to a life that isn’t working for you, take this assessment and read this book. It will force you to take-off your biased, rose-colored glasses and require you to be honest with yourself on the changes you need to make…then, it will give you the tools you need to make those changes. The whole process is broken into simple, achievable steps. I’ve read hundreds of self-help and leadership books. None of them touch the comprehensive and practical nature of this program. There’s a life out there that isn’t filled with emptiness, frustration and disappointment…and it’s yours if you want it!”
—Shane Goodwin, PhD, Senior Fellow, Harvard Law School; Senior Fellow, Columbia University; Adjunct Professor

The Circle Blueprint is a tool no CEO should be without. A step by step guide to better decision making and leadership. I recommend it highly!”
—Samuel P. Chapman, Chief Executive Officer, Prime Media Management LLC; Cofounder of Inc. Magazine's #1 Fastest Growing Company; Author of The No-Gossip Zone

The Circle Blueprint was the tipping point. By reading it I was able to really understand what were the acts and behaviors that would enable me to expand my circle and explore my possibilities fully. It has changed my life and will keep doing so for decades.”
—Rodrigo Leonardo Anunciato, Cox Capital Management

“Jack, Greg and Aaron speak to your mind, your heart and your soul.  They challenge your own perception of yourself and by doing so you begin to understand what truly moves and motivates you.  More importantly, through their education and encouragement, they inspire you to align your life goals with your activities, and think much bigger than the day to day or week to week.  The Circle Blueprint is an easy read and a must read.”
—Marie Hartman, Executive Vice President and Co-Founder, Hartman Executive Advisor

Marie strives to see positive change all around her–professionally and personally; she believes everyone should have the opportunity to reach his or her summit. As such, she’s the main driver behind Hartman’s company culture, which is based on trust, understanding and the desire to see each team member empower others to succeed.

“This book is my new companion helping me to be a bigger person and to recognize those traits in others. With the tools, stories, and the wisdom of the ages all guiding me down a well-organized path.”
—Michael Stewart, Vice President, BrightView

“As a businesswoman with a strong commitment to develop talent, The Circle Blueprint provides a very insightful and effective guideline for those who are seeking to bring their full potential into their work, and into their lives.  It would be as helpful to someone starting their career, as it would be to those in the C-suite who are running the business.”
—Jean Moran, Board Chairman, Thechet, Inc.; 2015 recipient of the Milwaukee Business Journal’s “Women of Influence Award for Family Business”

“If you want to ‘thrive’ and not just ‘live’ then this is a must read! The Circle Blueprint unlocks the potential in all of us and allows the reader to take the first deliberate step to grow in their greatness.”
—Bob Moss, COO, Y of Central Maryland

“I found The Circle Blueprint to be both challenging and insightful. It provides a framework for seeing my life and work in ways that challenge me to keep growing. This book is useful for everyone. I found the concept of discovering your unique power to be quite useful in my business.”
—Pat McMahon, Co-Founder and Chief Investment Officer, MKP Capital Management, LLC; Els for Autism - Board of Directors; Each One Counts Foundation -Board of Directors; Villanova University- Board of Trustees

The Circle Blueprint is that little voice in your head guiding you on your journey to greatness. Listen to it-the nuggets of wisdom covered in the book will get you there.”
—Alexander Koff, Attorney, Venable LLP

"Absolutely spectacular! A logical must-read for anyone who wants to examine their true self and become a great leader!"
—Kathleen McCormick, Vice President, Worldwide Business, Modern Living